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The following tasks and instructions are for you to become a successful agent.

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HLLQP Course

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Introduction to HLLQP Course


You will receive 3 courses:

HLLQP Weekly Crash Course

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday from 6:00pm-8:00pm MST.  
Zoom Code: 849 0041 1545 Password: HLLQP 

HLLQP Bootcamp

Sessions are on a Saturday & Sunday every few weeks
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*Technical Requirements for Writing Exams:
- a laptop/desktop computer with reliable internet connection; if you have a Mac, you must be running OS 10.15 version or higher in order to run Google Chrome
- a webcam (most computers have a built-in one)
- a microphone (usually comes with webcam)
- You will be prompted to download Secure Exam Browser (SEB) software for examinations.  There are detailed instructions to do this when you go to write your exams.
*You MUST do a Camera Sweep of your room when starting your exam.  Follow all instructions and rules.*
Proctoring Information

Study Tips